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April 24, 2020

Hi Families,

I would like to thank all the wonderful families who have continued to support GCCC as we face the Covid -19 challenge. We have continued to act on the correct information we have received from the WA Department of Health and the Education Care Regulatory Unit in recent weeks. We understand that there has been lots of information and you may like us are feeling a little overwhelmed at times, we have done our best to share with you at appropriate times. Who knew that BLEACH would be the new fragrance of 2020!

We respect everyone’s decision as we all navigate theses challenging circumstances, whether families have continued to attend because of work commitments , those that have kept their children home with them because they are working from home or to the families that have chosen to keep their children at home to self-isolate. We have all missed you!

In order to stay safe, we have adopted the following measures:

-Enhanced Hygiene practices for staff children and parents

-Social distancing practices

-Excursions and incursions canceled

-No contact delivery of foods and goods

-Exclusion of unwell staff and children

As school is returning next week from Wednesday the 29th we will be liaising with schools to ensure that we adhere to individual school covid-19 restrictions. We will adjust where necessary when dropping and collecting your children from our Before and After School Service

We will continue to share information and can advise that we are still very much operational however we are not taking any new enrollments this will be reviewed at the end of the financial year. If you are needing Extra days or casual days, please contact Andra and advise and we will do our best to fit in.

Also, we will be rolling out QK Enrol system next week you can use this in your My Family Lounge App to book casual days and mark your child as absent. A memo will be emailed out to you with further information.

Thankyou to all the families that have sent GCCC management well wishes in this crazy time we are living in it means a lot. I have officially taken on the Director role and look forward to continuing to work with families, staff, and children in the best Childcare Centre in Kalgoorlie!

I can confirm that Andra and Kylie have committed to staying in their current roles.

Andra -Assistant Director /Administration Officer

Kylie-Educational Leader

I hope everyone has managed to have a nice Easter and enjoy the school holiday break, as best they could.

Until next time stay safe!

Kind regards,

Rachel Booker


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