Sustainable practices play a core role in driving our curriculum. We value the resources we use and look at ways to interact with our environment in a way that models to the children practices that are sympathetic to the environment and minimise our impact.

We have embedded sustainable practices into our centres daily routines. We have a strong focus on reducing, reusing and recycling both with the children and in our own operations.

Operationally we practice reducing consumption such as water and electricity usage. We participate in Earth hour each day, turning lights off in all rooms over the lunch period.

We source and buy locally first, supporting our local community and reducing carbon emissions for freight. We collect recyclable containers and reuse them for art projects, science experiments and up-cycle into new play resources.

We also utilise our natural outdoor play space to grow vegetables and fruit for the centres meals. The gardens are watered from the rainwater tanks on site and the cycle is completed with the centres composting bins and worm farms.

We are always working hard to improve our sustainable practices and envision incorporating further ideas into centres in the future.